What is Seengar?

Seengar [سينګاﺭ] is a Pashto word that means “Makeup”. We are located in Peshawar; a city that links Pakistan to Afghanistan and has emerged as an important regional city in Pakistan and remains a focal point for Pakhtun culture.

What is our specialty?

We specialize in supplying, unmatchable with price, high quality, hand-stitched Afghan Kuchi dresses to masses across the globe. Our aim is to provide a unique and beautiful design for your next event. Whether it is a wedding, concert, a culture day in university, or a get-together party to represent Afghan traditional attire.

Our collection includes time-honored traditional Afghan Kuchi dresses, Pakol, traditional jewelry, stone-crafted ornaments, handicrafts, and antiques. Keeping keen interest in customer’s choice we feel proud to provide custom designs on request.
You can never feel dowdy in traditional wear; Traditional dresses are bound to make you stand out. If you are a man, then you’d understand the lure of a Pakol. If you are a woman we cannot overemphasize how elegant and graceful a Kuchi dress makes you look.

We are serving for Pashtun community, culture, people and language from more than 10 years on different platforms, the aim of our website is to expand our activities and introduce our cultural dresses, wearing, handicrafts and jewelry to the world and reach all Pashtuns as well as anyone who has a passion for multicultural fashion.

Through our convenient and user-friendly online shopping store – constantly aims to provide customers a wholesome and secure shopping experience. With united efforts and goals, we aim to deliver nothing but the best to all our customers.

Reach us at info[at]seengar.com for suggestions and improvements.

Seengar Logo Outline

Abdul Muqsit


Shipping & Delivery

Cost : 40$
Duration: 10-15 Working Days
Company : DHL Standard
Tracking : Yes

Cost : 60$
Duration: 5-7 Working Days
Company : DHL Express
Tracking : Yes

* These rates applied on all order from Pakistan to the rest of the world. We ship anywhere in the world.

Size Chart for Kuchi Dresses

Choose your size based on the following measurement, please note we make custom size as well. If you failed to find your match send us a text on WhatsApp 00923139807003


Length : 42"
Bust : 34"
Shoulder to Shoulder : 13"
Sleeves : 23.5"
Waist : 28"


Length : 44"
Bust : 35-36"
Shoulder-to -Shoulder : 14"
Sleeves : 24"
Waist : 28-30"


Length : 46"
Bust : 36-38"
Shoulder to Shoulder : 14"
Sleeves : 24"
Waist : 31-33"


Length : 48"
Bust : 39-40"
Shoulder to Shoulder : 15"
Sleeves : 24"
Waist : 34-38"


Length : 50"
Bust : 41-42"
Shoulder to Shoulder : 15.5"
Sleeves : 24.5"
Waist : 39-40"


Length : 52"
Bust : 43-44"
Shoulder to Shoulder : 16"
Sleeves : 24.5"
Waist : 41-42"

Size Chart for Afghan Dresses