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Afghan Kuchi Tribal Bangles with Rings


Estimate Price for United States is USD 45

Authentic Afghan Kuchi Tribal Bangles chained slave rings. This entire piece is fixed with 4 rings jeweled with glass jewels, which are chained to two round aligned pendants, which are also fixed with glass stones and then chained to the Kuchi bracelet. As gypsy as it looks, even wearing these slave ring or typically called paws by the kuchi people, is as interesting and artistic.

Even the chained used in this set is also made by hand, chaining each of the small metal rings one by one. This is a genuine Afghan Kuchi made slave rings or paws.

Approx Size:
Rings: US-11 (Adjustable on request)
Bracelet Wrist Size: 7.2″
Weight: 180g

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